(3 months - 1 year)

Capturing those sweet little details of your baby that change so so quickly.

What are milestones popular to photograph during the first year?

 -This is typically 3 months, 6 months (sitting up well), 9 months and one year.


Where will the session be?

-Either outdoors or in my studio

Does the studio provide the cake?

-No, the studio does not handle the cake for cake smashes. You will be responsible for bringing the cake for your appointment

Cake Smash for One Year Sessions - The cake smash option will be set up indoors and will last about 15 minutes or so. Session will include a simple banner, cake stand. I have found over the years that I prefer simple cake smash sets and some of my favorites are shown below in the gallery! You are more than welcome to bring props to your cake smash. If you do plan to bring items we will have plenty of planning time for you let me know what you plan to bring!Immediately after the cake smash, your baby can do a "clean up" option with my little white tub and bubbles on the set.

**All cake smash sessions will also include 3-4 outfits (you bring) to do traditional portraits before they begin their cake smash portion at the end.

What is the cost for the session?

- It is $150 for the session and you can read about the package details HERE

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