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3 Must-Have Photos You Shouldn't Miss This Holiday Season

This holiday season is so easy to just pick up your camera and start snapping away like the paparazzi! Before you do so, let me give you a few tips on how to capture your Christmas morning in a story like form!

Tip #1

I know its super hard to keep your living room tidy BUT on Christmas Eve night try to at least clear the clutter of anything that may be distracting around the general area of your Christmas tree and where your children will be opening their Christmas presents.


This may sound crazy BUT be sure to charge your camera the night before so it's fully charged and ready to go!

Tip #3

In order to capture your morning in a story like form think of all the moments that you don't wan't to miss. For instance, my storyline would go as follows:

Capture my children as the come around the corner, excited to see what Santa brought.

Capture the excitement on each Childs face

Capture the messy morning and wrapping paper filled living room!

Capture the items that the children received!

Tip #4

Be sure to try to have as much natural light coming into your room as you can without having to use the flash on your camera! No flash is your best option!

So now that you have a few tips from me to get started, what are the THREE photos that you need to take this holiday season?!

Picture Number 1

A picture of your child (children) coming around the corner into the living room (or wherever Santa visited) and capture the excitement of the morning!

Picture Number 2

Get super close to your subject and capture your child up close and the tree lit in the background. Be sure to have your child at least 2-3 foot away from your tree to create a beautiful blurry background. This type of shot can be captured with the "portrait mode" on your iPhone!

Picture Number 3

Last but not least, be sure to take a picture of you (Mom + Dad) with the children! Bonus: Take a picture of the grandparents with the children too! Its so typical for us moms to not get in photos because of every reason in the book!! I'm guilty as charged! But this holiday season, get in the picture! It doesn't have to be social media worthy, your children will love looking back at these memories when they are older!

So this Holiday season I hope these simple steps will help you and your family achieve priceless memories!

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