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Creekside Maternity Session | Hayley Gibbs Photography

There once was a little Princess named Josea. Josea and her mom traveled way far in the land to a beautiful creekside farm. There on this farm they were to have portraits made of them for Josea's mother was expecting a new baby brother! Josea was so excited to explore over this place her mother had brought her to!

While walking the creekside, Josea came upon a new best friend who goes by the name of Frogger. Frogger was a small little fellow and loved to cuddled by Josea. He fit jus snuggly inside the palm of her hand! While walking around, Frogger found that Josea had the perfect spot on her dress for him to lay...her flower! Sadly enough their friendship had to end and Josea returned little Frogger to his home by the creek. The exchanged a good bye kiss and departed ways. Josea was sad to see Frogger leave but she knew his mommy probably missed him!

I couldn't help myself but to put together a cute little story for Leann and Josea's session! It was a beautiful afternoon and this location couldn't have produced anymore gorgeous pictures than these! Enjoy their creekside maternity session!

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