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First look or No First Look? Here's the #1 most important question to help answer this huge question

It's the question every newly engaged couple ask the most! I've even heard brides tell me that it literally keeps them up at night! I've had phone calls with brides still on the fence about their decision! It's the one that your grandmother says the traditional route but your best friend says go with the first look before the ceremony!! As a wedding photographer, I've seen it done both ways!

No matter which side you're leaning towards......... it all comes to THIS question I'm about to lay on the table:


I believe this is the solve it all question to help you pick a choice and feel confident with it!

If you decide to take the traditional route and see your spouse when you're walking down the aisle then your typical portrait list still needed to be captured AFTER THE CEREMONY will be as follows:

*Entire Wedding Party Portraits (15-20 minutes)

*Family Formals with Bride and Groom (45 minutes to 1hour depending on family size)

*Bride and Groom Portraits (One hour minimum)

That is basically TWO whole hours after your ceremony that you will have away from your guests finishing up your portraits!

Now, if you decide to do your first look BEFORE you walk down the aisle then everything listed above can literally be done before the ceremony!! Or this is how my wedding timeline is planned for all of my wedding clients! This option allows you to ENJOY and soak in every ounce of time you've spent on planning this special day!

With all of that said, it may sound like I'm more towards the first look before the ceremony and I am about 95% but I want to share with you one more reason why. I've been apart of a lot of weddings and the number one thing the brides say on the wedding day is " I wonder how he will react when he sees me?". For the couples that choose to do it before, we always choose a private spot away from everyone else. It's private, it's sweet and intimate. Their is nothing sweeter than sharing that huge moment privately with your soon to be spouse. I can promise you that THAT moment will be the one you cherish the most on your wedding day!

I hope you found this helpful and if it did, let me know!

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