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Megen | Class of 2018 | North AL Senior Portrait Photographer

Megen and her momma met me early on a Saturday morning just two weeks ago. When I say early, I literally mean Megen was soooo excited for her session that her and her momma were an hour early! It was a crazy morning at my house and I remember my kiddos being so hyper and full of Saturday morning energy that I told them to calm down because my clients were gonna think we were crazy if they came early LOL! It was awesome to know that Megen had built up so much excitement for her session and she brought it all to the table too! I mean this girl literally rocked her session and I barely had to tell her any poses! That is a dream session for sure!

Megen is a senior at Etowah High School and plans to attend Gadsden State for two years. I asked her what she wanted to do in life and she told me she just wasn't positive yet. That is so true when you're just starting out in life. You just don't know yet! And that is perfectly fine! So Megen, I pray that God leads you in His path, in His time and on His will in your life and I wish you many, many blessings along the way!!

When mom says go pick those wild flowers and put one on your ear?! Um yes ma'am!!

Oh and Roll Tide ;)

Curls and Pearls Photography is a North Alabama senior portrait photographer.

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