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Ricky & Donna | Alabama Wedding Photographer | The Hay Barn, Collinsville, Alabama

It was hot June Saturday in Collinsville, Alabama! It rained on and off all day but the rain missed us every time our schedule had us for portraits! It was the perfect rainy day if there could ever be a thing.

Ricky and Donna have such a sweet love for each other. They are both caring and considerate of one another and anyone that's around them can see that almost instantly!

I have had two purple weddings back to back and I've loved them! It's been a nice change of scene from the blush pinks lately! Don't get me wrong, blush pink is my all time favorite color though! ;)

Ricky and Donna, thank you for allowing me to capture these sweet memories for you two! I hope you enjoy your wedding previews in this blog post! Enjoy your honeymoon in PCB!!

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