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Sam | Hayley Gibbs Photography | Newborn Photographer

When Sam's mom filled out her client questionnaire and said " I literally don't care what you do, just do your thing" I just melted. I love just having free rein to create and we did just that! We kept the color palette very neutral so that no matter where they plan to display baby Sam's pictures in their home they will blend and mix well! This is so so important to me and it's one of main focuses in my studio!

It should be mentioned that one of the most well known and best stockyards in North Alabama is owned by Sam's great Aunt and Uncle. So I created an image just for them that guessed it, a baby calf!! It was actually two images magically put together with photoshop and it just sums up the King and Gibbs lifestyle, COWS!

I loved every bit of snuggling sweet baby Sam during his session and I hope you love these favorites I've put together for this blog post!

For more information on a newborn session please visit the contact form HERE

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