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Confessions of a Wedding Photographer | Hayley Gibbs Photography

Hey you! You probably read that title and thought, ‘Oh I wonder what this is?’! As a Wedding Photographer I get told ALL the time how fun my job is and I agree 150%!!

While the job is super fun...I have a few confessions to make. Three to be exact.

Confession of a Wedding Photographer #1:

I’m obsessed with photographing the details of weddings! My Brides spend SO much time on perfecting all the details of their wedding. After spending hours upon hours funneling Pinterest boards and finding the perfect look, your hard work should be preserved!

Confession of a Wedding Photographer #2

I shed a teardrop at every. single. first dance. I’m a little bit of a sappy romantic and love a good romance movie! So when you throw in a super sweet wedding and a tearjerker first dance song and I’m a goner! #CueTheKleenex

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer #3

Are you ready to hear my number three? Cake. <—- The real reason why I shoot weddings! Hahah I’m kidding! Y’all us southern gals really hit the gold mine with all the amazing wedding cake vendors in Alabama! After a long day of shooting, the cake is like my “end of the day bonus”!

So, now you’ve heard my three guilty secrets on Wedding days!



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